Gentrified Minds: The NY Horror Vol.2

Below are some performance clips from my 2011 solo show, “Gentrified Minds: The New York Horror Vol.2” which was a live “punk-rock” adaptation of my poems and ‘holy rants’ about gentrification and corporate takeover. Directed by Nina Fleck, with music co-written by Bob Kuch, these videos range in tone from musical performance, satire/stand up comedy, and spoken word poetry. Woven together they make up a theatrical cocktail of monologue that protests many of the fashions and occurrences of our zeitgeist. It was the first time in over a decade that I had returned to live performance and it was incredibly freeing to be able to say words I had written in front of an audience (as opposed to merely “interpreting” in the tradition of a standard actor, which I have always resented.)

Introductory tone poem & opening punk rock number

A punk song about the “branding” of South Harlem & gross commercialism

Satirical interlude about racist tourists [monologue]

A spoken word poem that riffs on the Freaks, Geeks, & Dylan’s Mr.Jones…

CHASE Bank Murder — the climax of the show where the Nomad Junkie gets killed

A Loser Can Surely Find Time For Love: a poem that closed the performance

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