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“Buddha said: ‘There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.’ The same could be said for Art. Cause it really doesn’t matter where you end up (although that is how you may be judged)…what matters is the journey. The process. Not if you win the battle, but how hard you fought. And what you learned from the fight. Some of us learn compassion, some of learn we weren’t as tough as we thought, some of us learn that all great thoughts and expression do not necessarily find an audience. But then we discover, we’ve been bamboozled! The aim is not for your work to find an audience…but for your audience to find you. No. It is not practical to think that way. But then again, if you were practical – would you be making art? Those who do are completely crazy and they are the last line of romantics on this earth. Cherish them. Because the music will dry up. And so will the thoughts. And then…what will you do on your way into the coffin? You will have no memories to call upon. Because contrary to what many believe – one does not see their life flash before their eyes in the instant of death. They see the poem that haunted them their entire life: a few lines of scribble that they could never understand until that final patch of dirt covered their shroud.”

                                                  – St. Claire Mulligan, Tremors

Because The Music Will End

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Subway Vein:The New Process, the Final Form (Or: On How to Stay Creative in the Hell of Not Being Able to Connect)

Write text, edit by copy and paste and whatever and however the text is either repositioned or pasted, I leave it alone – altered format and all.

I am only concerned with the text itself, with the flow of words and their implied meaning.
The nuance, the presentation, the visual style happens randomly, sometime dictated by the order of karma or energy or some other mysterious force, sometimes by sheer beautiful accident.

The mission for me is to get these words up on the mountain –not fixed but moving upward somehow into someone’s eye or mind; penetrating another part of the brain where there might be a little less resistance.

The trick is how to create and destroy at the same time.
In redefining myself, in trying to consciously make an identity and present one to you – I not only transcend lies or fantasy, but I imbue the imagination with dignity and courage again.

The harshness of words, the resilience of the human spirit, the trauma of life, the beauty of a form gives way to many things, sometimes art or expressions of love or the impulse to rebel and reach for freedom is one of them.

There is nothing wrong with taking one’s self serious as long as one understands it will only matter to them; the groups, the masses, the mobs do not sanction goodness, they do not write operas or make paintings.

At best they applaud, at worst they hang you. Somewhere in between is a vote.

In directness, there is a responsibility.
Unafraid, one can champion the urges one feels inside, the sentiments one can’t let go of.  This may be the only truth you can rely on out there in that Tubes–filled-space-age spreadsheet of the Internet and your sowl.


Doesn’t matter: we’re all hocked.

But you can still choose the length
of your mercenaries’ fingers.

DLK May 13, 2012-05-13

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