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A New Way

In our new way

We saw the electricity finally that had been there all this time. As if a current had exploded right in front of us demanding to be seen and not necessarily heard…but acknowledged. Its joy had returned. As if the television went from Black and white into technicolor. And all that time we held our breathes foolishly, as if we were not going to make it. And we realized we were 44 not 14 and that was a beautiful thing… because although we’d seen the lower depths we could at least now imagine the greatest heights. And that was good enough. And if colors can remind you of that- or even your own reflection in the mirror (finally) well damn it you’ve kicked the insides of the snipers who await silently with the cops in your head ready to arrest your bliss at any moment. You won. And you can’t believe it. Cause you could never simply admit that you were worth more than the world you entered wanted you to believe.


A New Way: Portrait by Joshua Kibuka (2020)

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The Concrete Vampire


Even the concrete vampire must go digital
Even the concrete vampire must be practical
Her vision
by lack of nutrtiton
Due to the spiky flames
from the sun

By noon the world’s projection screen
Had run its course
so obscene
He’d have no teeth to sink in dreams
Or bury the hatchet

The dull ache of modernity bleeds dry

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