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Kitty Genovese

Anger is just rage with an ‘N’ to soften the blow.

Always look out for someone who cherishes books & then burns them.

first noticed the lack of outrage in the summer of ‘04
the year Republicans blew through NY like a shark in water
looking back over my shoulder
through the pinched elbow of time,
i can see it was merely a habit i had noticed,
a conscious “putting-down”
a fear of “letting loose”
elements of souls
not saved.
We have no anger. We have Facebook.

they have pathologized everything that is normal.
mtv created our generation
a holocaust of chic-violent-racist-woman hating nation
gave a boat of idiots who were weaned on Star Wars – cheapness & trash,
pimps & prostitutes,
& Lexus-wet dreams
& made sure they were dried like corpses
& believed in like rain

rage is of a past era
so we’re accused of romanticizing the human ‘error’
of civil rights
cause we’d rather crack open the skull of a depraved man
who refuses to give his seat to a woman
rather than call my black brother a nigger
or my white sister a bitch—
so we’re branded “Dinosaurs”
& my head aches & my teeth ache & i wonder where my son is, what my daughter could be —
They’ll have no anger. They’ll have Facebook.

take some responsibility
stop blaming your kids
you don’t hate anything cause you don’t love anything
you don’t love cause you’re consumed with fear
you say you hate your landlord but you give him all your money
you say you hate the war but you’re glad it’s bright & sunny
you won’t give to a man without a job
but you’ll pay your taxes so Uncle Sam can maim and rob!
eat your pizza & shut up
we’ll join you if you’re ready to sweep —
we’re not preachers
we’re cleaners
sent to take out
the morning trash

everything is personal cause there is no business
just opportunity for the rich to get richer while you defend them.

Call me when the guilty decide to bleed.

We have sewed the seeds of Kitty Genovese.


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