What Do Hollywood Executives Call Denzel Washington?

Don’t take it from me.
Read Cynthia McKinney’s article in Black Agenda Report.

A simple, clean, and objective confirmation of everything I always felt and knew that existed in the corporate artery of the Show Business world. I am not shocked nor am I outraged. I was always waiting for this type of information to leak…Hollywood has proved itself to be nothing but a chilling example of how racism has become acceptable. Period. It’s not the men in white hoods or some Confederate nut job or a zealous right wing Republican that I am afraid of. It’s the Hollywood Liberal who will play my music and produce my movies, and then denigrate me all day long behind my back. At least the NazisĀ  didn’t shy away from how they actually felt. Tinsel town’s biggest talent agency is run by the ghosts of Roy Cohn and “harmless” racists who believe that black people were put on this planet for their amusement.

I pity any dramatist, actor, or director who is felt compelled — like a rabid junkie unable to help himself — to seek acceptance, employment, or support from the American mainstream movie establishment. Pathetic.

And it begs one question: “What does Denzel plan to do about it? Or better yet…What will brother Steve McQueen have to say about this?”
Think he’ll get Brad Pitt to give me some answers?

Nah. Me neither.

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